Youhave been asked to write an argumentative essay for your school’s blog in w

Youhave been asked to write an argumentative essay for your school’s blogin which you support or oppose the use of an artist’s music inadvertising.2 pages already written, 2 more needed.12 point Times New Roman black font,Double Spaces and a Meaningful title_______WhileAlex Scally, Instrumentalist the indie-pop due beach house, notes thatwhen bands take on corporate sponsors they may lose the image they haveworked to create, Artists should not use their music In advertisingbecause of the payment they receive from fans streaming their music.Firstof all, one disadvantage of using music in an advertisement is itcreates a synchronized message that brands hope will induce purchase oftheir products. For Example in source 2 selling out not the worth therisk in paragraph 7 “ This can be tremendously stressful for artists whoare just starting to build their careers, as they need to speed energycreating good music and a unique image that appeals to fans”.Additionally, when a commercial misuses a popular song, it can confusethe target market and reduces the chance of purchase. To support this insource 1 the changing Landscape of the music business in paragraph 2 “According to date journalist David McCandless, a signed solo artistwould need about 5,478 iTunes download of a song per month versus4,200,000 YouTube streams per month just to make the U.S minimum wage. Ioppose the use of an artist’s music in advertising. Why? Because ofbusiness because artists use a lot of money for their music especiallysince they have a lot of fans and a lot would argue when an album wouldsell out saying that it would sales. The artists themselves would noteven gain that much money for when selling an album.Secondof all, I argue the use of musicians being advertising in commercialsor promoting and gaining money. To start “ Should Musicians change theirtune” They should not performers in advertisements In addition insource 2 selling out is not worth the risk in paragraph 10 It statesthat “ The music business is just that- a business, it exists to makemoney in order to continue making music.” some artist either grow theircareer or just give up if artist turn’s down a corporate sponsorship or alicensing agreement this could be a mistake but they say it is a smartway to get into the music business. For instance in source 3 the newnecessity in the music business In paragraph 15 it says “ For artistsserious about their careers, turning down any form of corporatesponsorship or licensing agreements could be a mistake and at times,it’s not necessary, but smart way to make it in today’s music business.