Your job is to present an issue and three competing perspectives on that issue i

Your job is to present an issue and three competing perspectives on that issue in a comprehensive and unbiased manner to an academic audience.Topic: Should marijuana be legalized for medical and recreational use in all states?AssignmentIn this essay, you will select a local issue and analyze three different and distinct perspectives surrounding it. Your audience is academic (your instructor); your purpose is to accurately and objectively describe the positions regarding the issue. Think of yourself as an investigative reporter who uncovers an issue (for example, the rising cost of tuition) and explain what is at stake (why does it matter?). Your job is to discover the voices and their respective positions in the debate surrounding the issue and to present them equally and fairly to your audience to inform them of the issue and the perspectives. After presenting the various positions deductively and rooting your analysis in real people (and letting them speak for themselves), you will forward a recommendation that attempts to satisfy each of the perspectives by making concessions and adopting a Rogerian approach. Explain your reasoning for your choices and recommendation.RequirementsYour essay must:▪ be at least 5 pages formatted in accordance with APA conventions▪ summarize the issue and explain what is at stake (thesis)▪ describe and analyze three plausible perspectives surrounding the issue— being sure to represent each perspective fairly and comprehensively with equal emphasis▪ root each position in a real person (do not generalize), and allow that person to speak for their position using their own words (quoted from reputable sources) do not present abstract positions (for example, “women,” “smokers,” or “students”); instead, discuss real people (for example, “Ms. Joan Collins,” “Tom Radford,” or “Michelle Arm”) who speak for their respective position▪ make implicit claims explicit and describe the implications for each position▪ conclude with a compromise for all of the perspectives you analyzed; explain your reasoning▪ include paraphrases and quotations from your sourcesStyle GuideWA: “MLA Style” (p. 227); WA: “Situate the Reading Rhetorically” (pp. 53-56).