Your paper should cover the following Aircraft Systems: Engine, Propeller (if ap

Your paper should cover the following Aircraft Systems: Engine, Propeller (if applicable), Electrical, Hydraulic/Pneumatic, Flight Control, Pressurization, Environmental, Fuel, Ice/Rain Protection, Landing Gear, Annunciators/Fire Protection. Make sure your aircraft has all of these systems (hydraulic brakes at a minimum, pressurized, retractable gear, etc).For each system, describe its normal operation, potential failures (illustrated with incident/accident information as applicable) and areas of potential improvement.The paper will be written in YOUR OWN WORDS, using multiple sources.This is a Formal paper do not use “I” unless absolutely necessary to express an opinion. Though you will have researched much of the information for your Forum postings, the paper must be written in a more formal style than what is required for the Forums.Follow APA format for References and In-Text Citations. See the APA Format Guide posted on the Moodle site and use the Purdue Owl Web Site for guidance.Do NOT use wiki sites as references. However, you may use the list of citations at the bottom of the Wiki page as a guide to source material.Minimum of 8 pages of text (12-point font, 1″ margins, double spaced) with additional pages for any Tables & Figures.Include a Title Page and Abstract per APA format. No Table of Contents required. These do not count toward your required 8 pages.Include an Introduction and write a strong Conclusion, summing up your aircraft’s strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvements.Check the Grading Rubric to ensure you have met all paper requirements.Submit your paper to Turnitin as a plagiarism check before you submit your paper for grading.Submit your final paper as a Word Document early submissions are appreciated!This has to be about the Beechcraft Starship 2000