Your task in this assignment is to write a rhetorical analysis of an article. In

Your task in this assignment is to write a rhetorical analysis of an article. In other words, you’ll analyzethe author’s rhetorical devices (i.e., writing techniques). Please follow the instructions below to write youressay.Step 1: Choose an Article to AnalyzeChoose from one of the articles listed in the Assignment 6 drop-box. Choose an article you enjoy,understand, and want to work with. Read the article several times (following the steps in the Assignment6 drop-box) so that you fully understand it and can confidently examine the author’s techniques.Step 2: Paraphrase and SummarizeWithout looking at the article, paraphrase the author’s thesis and briefly summarize the article (in 2 to 4sentences). This will make up the first few sentences of the first paragraph of your essay.Step 3: Identify the Author’s Writing TechniquesYour task is to identify some of the author’s writing techniques and then choose two or three of the mainwriting techniques that the author employs to argue the thesis. Each of these techniques will become thefocus of one body paragraph.Examples of techniques include tone, diction, logical arguments, statistics, examples, allusions, figurativelanguage, references, establishing his/her own experience demonstrates credibility, anecdotes, real-lifecases, metaphors, imagery, emotional appeals, sentence structure, paragraph structure, etc.As you can see, that list is broad (and it is not complete). You can Google “rhetorical devices” for moreideas.) You may find Chapter 2 of AOW helpful. Choose techniques that are strongly represented in thearticle and that fit together well for your essay.Some students choose to use ethos, pathos, and logos (from Chapter 1 of AOW) to structure their essays.This is not required. If you are confident analyzing ethos, pathos, and logos, you are welcome to do so;otherwise, consider choosing some of the techniques mentioned in the previous paragraph.Step 4: Develop a ThesisThe key to writing a successful analysis essay is a strong thesis statement. Your thesis statement shouldidentify two or three writing techniques the author uses to convey the thesis.Step 5: Draft the Essaya) Introductory paragraphIntroduce the title and author of the text you’re analyzing. Introduce the topic of the article. Then,in three or four sentences, restate the author’s thesis (in your own words) and briefly summarizethe main points of the text. End the introductory paragraph with your own thesis statement. In thatthesis statement, identify two or three main writing techniques that the author employs to arguethe thesis.b) Body paragraphsIn the body of the essay, support your thesis by analyzing the writer’s techniques. Begin eachbody paragraph with a topic sentence introducing the writing technique that you will analyze in10that paragraph. Essentially, your argument in each body paragraph is that the author uses thisparticular technique to bolster/convey/support his or her thesis. In each body paragraph, includeseveral brief quotations from the article that demonstrate the technique, and then comment on theeffect. Provide the page number for each quotation, if available/applicable. End each bodyparagraph with a simple closing sentence that sums up that paragraph.c) Concluding paragraphRe-state the author’s name and the title of the article. Reinforce your thesis and mainpoints. Conclude.Research?No research is required for this essay. However, if you do include research—such as biographicalinformation about the author—cite it.For this assignment, MLA-style documentation works better than APA style does; however, you may useAPA style if you wish.